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How to simplify the translation process?

Discussion created by Evany Pace on Jul 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by chofer@morainepark.edu

We have long Canvas courses that need to be translated into several languages. Here is our process and the issues we are running into:

  • We prepare our content (English first) in HTML (for multi-channel distribution) and then copy it over to Canvas for our online learners.
  • Copying the content introduces a bunch of unwanted HTML tags in Canvas (tons of <span>s).
  • We translate the original HTML content into different languages.
  • We export the English content from Canvas and run it through a process to return translated text.
  • We import the translated content into Canvas.

Since there is so much unwanted HTML added in Canvas, our English export does not match up with the original HTML and we get a lot of translation mismatches. We've tried removing the extraneous HTML working with the exported code, but Canvas files are saved as both HTML and XML and have different syntax.

Our solution right now is to just copy over the translated text into Canvas, but our courses have 1200 to 2400 pages each and we have to do this for several languages. It takes a long time.

Does anyone have an easier way to do this? We just want to find a way to move the exported English content through translation and return it to Canvas unscathed.