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Can you address this module functionality issue, or bring it up in your next meeting?

Question asked by Micah Waddoups on Jul 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2019 by Kona Jones

I recently attempted to post this as a discussion, but I am having great difficulty finding the right place to bring it up, because of the myriad places to post or communicate.  This is a matter of great importance for students everywhere that use the Canvas Learning Management System. 


When a course module or section is marked for the student or teacher as complete (green check mark) or incomplete (red negative-circle), it tallies strictly what assignments within have been marked as complete, but does not account for whether it still can be completed.  This causes a massive waste of time for courses that have assignments that are only available between one and a few days, because when a long list of course modules is presented to the student, it will show all the modules that have such an incomplete assignment as incomplete modules.  The desired effect of a summary list, to start with, is to guide the student to where they have work to do, but if the work cannot be completed because of an expired availability date (due dates are separate and unrelated), then the student has to manually click through the entire list of incomplete modules and assignments until they find one they can complete!  This is a developer issue as well as as a front-end issue because the tally method that designates the course module/section completion mark should account for whether an assignment can be completed.  Either the module/section needs to report complete if there is no possible assignment to work on, or the assignment and the module need to report a third unique indicator that it is incomplete, but unavailable, such as some yellow symbol like this not-check Unicode character:   

Without this simple way of differentiating work-that-needs-doing from work-not-done-nor-doable students time and concentration will continue to be hindered, making it more difficult for those who fall behind just a little to ever get caught up.