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How can I follow Canvas' terms?

Question asked by Dylan park on Jul 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2020 by Colin Murtaugh

Hi everybody,


I made a program for my teachers to use. The program takes events from google calendar and copies those events to canvas' calendar -- fairly simple, but questions start arising about the sharing part.


According to canvas, we are not allowed to ask for someone to generate a token, which also implies that we cannot add another canvas account to our project (right?). However, my source code is open source, so my project is essentially theirs once they clone it. I did provide instructions to generate a token in that code, but when they generate a token to copy and paste it in, it is their code that they are editing with me out of the equation, so I'm safe with sharing this right?


There are also other open source codes using canvas' API that had to ask others to generate a token that haven't been taken down. In fact, one of them is made by the python API's lead developer.


What I'm essentially trying to ask is what is the line between asking someone to generate a token and putting instructions on an open source program.


If I'm not safe, how can I implement this in a safe manner?


Here is my code for anyone wondering about the 'instructions' (they're in the readme and the JSON file): GitHub - Screeeech/CanvasxGoogle: A bridge between Google Calendar and Canvas' calendar 


Additional questions:

- I made a survey for teachers to fill out about my code, where is the appropriate place to ask them to fill it out?

- Where can I post my code for teachers to use?


I also started a discussion about this here: A Google Calendar integration? , but I didn't know whether it was the right place or not, so I asked it as a question as well.