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Help With Login Page Meta Data/Search Engine Redirects

Question asked by Kenneth Rogers Champion on Jul 15, 2019

Hi, friends! I've been presented with an interesting challenge.


We call our portal and authentication provider (CAS) ACES. Occasionally, when someone wants to simply login to the portal, they google ACES Login. However, they don't get the portal - they get our Canvas instance because it automatically redirects to CAS - hence the title "ACES Login" on the google result. See the following GIF and notate the URL in google (


If I were to authenticate, it would complete the login process to Canvas, and not the portal which some people would be expecting.


Our Help Desk Manager reached out to PR to see if they could do some PR magic and push our portal to the top, but instead they came back with the fact that we needed to use the meta data in our Canvas login page to clearly identify what the page is for, and it would slowly trickle down.


Here are my fears and questions...

It's a redirect - what control do I have?
Can I actually access/update the meta data of the login page? If so, where?!?
I've seen javascript to change the title of the page, but that's for Canvas pages. Will it work for this?


Any help or insight you've got is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!