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Mastery Path and Badgr (Part 2)

Question asked by Wan Fareed on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by Layne Heiny

Hi Community,


I am testing out badges in Canvas. Initially I have 3 modules that I tested with 4 different accounts. Midway, I added a new module and created a new badge (Mastery with Badge).


After I setup, I checked the ‘Progress’ and ‘Leaderboard’. All looked OK for the newly created module. No one has gotten the badge.


I then tested with 2 accounts. However when I checked the ‘Progress’, it showed all accounts have been awarded the ‘Mastery with Badge’ badge. The other 2 did not even logged in but were also awarded the badge.


Anyone has successfully implement Badgr with Mastery Path? 


Below are screenshots of the Canvas module and Badgr progress.