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Collaborations problem

Question asked by Michelle Powell on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by Michelle Powell

Has anyone had a problem with Collaborations using Office 365? We have instructors and/or students who create a collaboration. After it is created even the creator cannot open it but gets a message saying "You are not allowed to view this content." When we call Canvas they say that this is a third party LTI tool used inside of Canvas and this is a Microsoft problem. When we call Microsoft they say, "the document was locked by “another user” but unable to tell me who it was". I then I look up how to unlock an Office 365 document and I send this article to the instructor:

which tells me that a student may have opened the file but left it open on an iPad or other device.  We send an email to all the students asking them to check to see if they still have it open.  The collaboration eventually becomes unlock but it is weeks later way past the time needed to work on the assignment. I can't get an answer from either Canvas or Microsoft to have this work as expected. I am considering sending an email to everyone here to just not use Collaborations. Because of University policy we don't have Google emails in order to use the Google Docs with Collaborations. (I have heard that Google Docs works better.)  Running out of ideas. Can anyone help??