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How does Canvas deal with an unlimited-time quiz with a due date and a closing date?

Question asked by A Hui on Jul 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2019 by Kona Jones

I set up some homework as quizzes and allowed unlimited time. The quizzes have a due date and a closing date to prevent students from accessing them after they are due. Days after the final exam is over and the grades are calculated, a student reported that his/her grade has changed. I found out that the student had some incomplete quizzes which had been submitted after the final exam was over. I could not figure out if the submission of these closed quizzes is an automatic feature of Canvas, or whether the student did it manually after the final exam. The submission date was after the due date of the homework. Here are the questions that I am looking for answer:


1. Does Canvas do automatic submission of an incomplete unlimited-time quiz? If it does, how does Canvas determine WHEN to do it?

2. If a student started an unlimited-time quiz prior to the due date, could he/she still submit it manually after the quiz is closed?

3. Does anyone know how an instructor may control this problem to eliminate possible confusion or dispute?


Thank you in advance.