Julian Ridden

An Introduction - Kind of

Discussion created by Julian Ridden on Jul 17, 2019

Hey all,


Thought I would restart an "introduction thread" as one has not been run for a while. This is a great chance for people to chime in and introduce themselves and highlight what they are looking for out of the community.


Who are you?


And, well...I'll start!


My new is Julian Ridden. For over 5 years I worked out of the CanvasLMS office in Sydney. Many of you may know me from my time there. Now however, I am having fun on the other side of the fence. I run a Canvas Site for our organisation Coder Academy where I am also the National Manager of our K12 STEM/STEAM programs. I work across all sectors (K12, Higher Ed, VET) but my passion has always been K12 education.


So, what am I looking for out of the community? To share ideas and discoveries. To continue to help build a vibrant community which is already filled with many other passionate educators and Admins.


So, that's me done. Please jump in and introduce yourself (doesn't mater how long you have been around) and I look forward to seeing where the thread leads.