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"finalized" grades

Question asked by Mason Conklin on Jul 19, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by Erin Hallmark


Our institution is in our first term using Canvas. We have a procedural issue reporting grades to our SIS.


As I understand it, when it is time to report grades to our SIS, as an admin, I run a grade report, and use that report to import the grades into our SIS, in our case, Jenzabar. Our specific problem is that we are using a gradual roll-out of Canvas. Some of our professors will be using our old LMS for administering courses while others will be in Canvas. All of our courses will have a course tile in Canvas, whether or not the professor actually uses it. Further, we can't be certain that some professors won't "play around" a little in Canvas while actually running their course in another LMS.


How can we distinguish courses in Canvas with the actual "Finalized" grades? If a professor could mark their gradebook in Canvas as finalized, we could run a targeted report, or sort the omnibus report somehow.


One thought was to use the "Override" column, and tell all professors to manually enter final grade in the override column of their gradebook once their grades are Finalized.


Thoughts?  Better solution somewhere, or a feature I'm not aware of?