Markdown and Canvas

Discussion created by MLentini on Aug 27, 2015
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Has anyone explored using Markdown and Canvas (especially the RCE)?


I was just working up a bunch of content for a course, and thought I'd try it.  It went surprisingly well, considering the challenges I've had with other web-based rich text editors.


This was on a Mac, using basic Gruber Markdown.

  1. Write the text in your favorite text editor. (Bare Bones' TextWrangler, at the moment.)
  2. Open it in a MD preview tool. (Today it was's Mou). I suppose I could edit straight in Mou, but I use TextWrangler for lots of things, so it's just always there.
  3. Fix all the places you blew the line spacing or code.
  4. Copy the preview window. That's the one that shows the formatted text, on the right.
  5. Paste it into the rich content editor.
  6. Save it.

Headings, lists (ordered and unordered), italics, bold, tables (! - hadn't expected that) and links all transferred properly, with HTML structure intact. Lists copied with an extra paragraph tag in each list item. Sloppy, but even I'm not going to go back and fix the code in Canvas.

'</p><li><p>Log in to Canvas</p></li>' 
'<li><p>Click Help, then "Search the Canvas Guides"</p></li>'

So this just adds another context where I can use Markdown, and I suppose another way that Canvas is slick.