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New Grade Post Policy: No Email Notifications to Students

Question asked by Kate Burkes on Jul 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2019 by Kate Burkes

I submitted this issue to L1 tech support, and got no where.  Here's what they said: "At this time, we have not been made aware if the Post/Hide Grades from the Grade Post Policy will send notifications, as the Mute/Unmute feature did. Our documentation has not been updated and we have not been told anything definitive at this point. I spoke with one of our L2’s and the advise I was given is to have you post inside of the Canvas Community, where our Documentation Team is highly active so they are aware of your query and can provide the best, accurate answer on this new Feature."


I did some testing, and regardless of whether the new Grade Posting Policy was set to Automatic or Manual, there was no email notification sent to students when grades were posted.  None, zip, nada.


This is a HUGE issue for us, as this was one of the features we loved about Canvas. 


In addition, when the Policy is set to Manual, when the instructor posts grades, not even a little notification number comes up next to Grades.  So basically students will never know they have new grades.


This is simply not acceptable.  I need to know if this is an unexpected bug, or if this is by design.  Thanks.