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Waitlisted students in Canvas?

Question asked by Christopher Casey on Aug 27, 2015
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I have a question for all of the fellow admins here (higher-ed)...  What does everyone do with their students on a waitlist for a course?  Do you put them in canvas during your add/drop period, or do you wait until they are officially registered for the class before giving them Canvas access?


We have been only transferring officially registered students (not ones on a waitlist), but some faculty and department chairs thing we should also add waitlisted students, as not to disadvantage them if they get into the class a week or two late.


I know this will be a technical challenge for our IT team to modicy our SIS integration scripts, but I'm more curious about the policy side around this question.  Any discussion would be appreciated (I don't want to mention whether I'm for or against having waitlisted people in Canvas, as not to have this discussion only go in one direction or other).