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Why does my formula keep returning 0?

Question asked by Juliet Crocco on Jul 22, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by Juliet Crocco

This is a question from one of our engineering faculty:


  • Am I able to keep the same values of generated variables for 2 questions (or more)? (I want that each students keep the same values for all the questions to solve the problem step by step without changing the values of the variables).(MY FEEDBACK IS NO TO THIS... though how cool would that be to use the answer for one question to go to another question)
  • I keep having a mistake in the correct answer that give canvas (always 0) as you can see below
But the answer is not 0, when I edit my question (here it is 57.1): Do you know what I am doing wrong?






James Jones? I see that you have been helpful on other threads, maybe you can help us here? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!