Sarah Phinney

Vote - Stop Breaking Links When Page Title is Changed

Discussion created by Sarah Phinney on Jul 23, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by Emily Springfield

Have you ever had this happen, or have you supported instructors who have had this happen?

An instructor makes a page, let's say a module overview page, and then links to this page from a custom Home page. While developing the course, the instructor changes the title of the module overview page. This breaks the link to that module overview page, because the URL contains the page title.
Instead of using the page title for the URL, use the unique ID for that page (one does exist, by the way). That way, if someone changes the a page title, no links in the course that go to that page will break.


If this concerns you, please vote for this behavior to be changed. If there are enough votes, this item might be considered for the next round of changes in Canvas.


I'd love to hear any work-arounds you have figured out that mitigate the problem until it is fixed.