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How to fix iOS keyboard lag?

Question asked by John Shelton on Jul 23, 2019
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Hi there,

I use the Canvas iOS app on both my iPad and my iPhone (both very new) and whenever I go to post in discussion groups the keyboard gets very laggy after about 5 minutes of typing and gets worse as time goes on. This evening I typed out a sentence and it took the keyboard a good 45 seconds to finish the sentence after I had completely stopped typing. It registers every key but then inputs them one by one at about 1 letter every 2 seconds. This is obviously pretty aggravating and makes the Canvas app pretty much useless. I know it’s not my devices because it happens on both and even when I completely quit and relaunch Canvas it still happens. The app is fully updated on both devices. This keyboard issue doesn’t happen within any other app. Are there any suggestions for fixing this? Canvas on iOS is pretty important for having access on the go.


Thanks in advance.