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SCORM Avoiding the Gradebook

Discussion created by Aaron Mackey on Jul 24, 2019
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 tried finding an answer for uploading SCORM videos into Canvas without having them be an ungraded assignment, and someone on my team figured it out! Our SCORM videos were added to a course as ungraded assignments, but they were appearing in the gradebook and our students would ask questions about why they have so many assignments with a zero on them. 


  1. First, click the “+” button on the module and then select “External Tool” from the dropdown menu (as shown below).
  2. Next, paste in the URL of the video and add a Page Name. If you want, you can force the video to load in a new tab by checking the “Load in a new tab” box. Finally, click “Add Item.” (as shown below)


This should get your SCORM content into the course without it appearing as an ungraded assignment.