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Student App - Course Homepage Concerns

Discussion created by Rebecca Helmer on Jul 24, 2019
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Creating innovative course homepages has allowed us to do some really cool things with our professional development and training shells in Canvas. For our most current endeavour, we wanted to make our course homepage and LTI URL Redirects a part of our navigation.


A little background: this new course is going to be our own institutional Canvas community hub for faculty and students and the homepage would have four buttons that directed users to their desired destination. This all worked great in our browser but when we tested it on the Student App (both IOS and Android) it all fell apart.


The LTI URL Redirect tool that we were using to link students to four Canvas pages actually takes the users out of the app and into the web-browser. This one is an easy fix - we go back to Modules and add the pages there. Just one extra click.


The course homepage being a button you have to click instead of the default landing page when you access a course really negates the concept of the homepage. We have a dozen courses that depend on the homepage to allow users to navigate through courses. I'm not sure what to do at this point because it seems that using the homepage for a creative landing page is going to be entirely lost if you have to ask your users to click on the Homepage when they enter the course through the mobile app.


Any workarounds or suggestions to overcome losing direct navigation to the homepage from the Student Mobile App?

I know one solution would be to tell the users to click on the homepage if they're using a mobile device, but we the roster for this course will always be rotating, so that would be tedious.