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Make Peer Review reviews/Discussions replies part of Module rules

Question asked by Kristin Hargrove on Jul 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2019 by Kona Jones

With the push for regular effective contact between students, it would be nice to add Peer Review reviews to the Module rule requirements.

For example, the original assignment submitter or discussion poster might anxiously be awaiting feedback from a classmate in a Peer Review activity, but never receives it... which kind of defeats the purpose of the activity, right?


Making Peer Review reviews (rubric grading and/or feedback) required as part of a Modules rule will help promote student-to-student interaction by making students pause (literally) and go back to take the time to interact with their classmates before moving on in the course.


This setting also applies to Discussion replies: allow the instructor to require X number of replies in response to an initial discussion post in order to mark the activity complete.


Perhaps the Modules rule could be called "Submit Replies" and is triggered any time a:

  • Peer Review is created (assignment and/or discussion)
  • Discussions forum is created