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New Gradebook - Treat Ungraded as 0

Question asked by Matt Fuller on Jul 25, 2019
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This new grade book is driving us all crazy!  We were told that everything is switching over sometime in October and that we should just get used to the new one starting now... Well from what I can tell, several of the features are not working. Based upon what I'm showing below, is there something that we don't have activated on our end? I've seen in other posts where some people were able to get this to work, but it's definitely not working on our end.


Here are the setting I have set right now:


I went into individual view and checked the box "Treat Ungraded as 0"


I also clicked on the settings icon in the grade book and applied the "Automatically Apply Grade for Missing Submissions and put it to 0



For some reason, when we switched over to the new grade book, ALL of our assignments switched to NOT POSTED. We have had to go through every assignment, go into Speed Grader for each assignment, and click on the eye in the upper left hand corner to make sure they were all posted. Major pain...


I took a screen shot of a student's grades and you can see that when Calculate based only on graded assignments is checked this student is getting a 55%

When I uncheck it he's getting a 1.28%



The same student is at the top of the main grade book, and no matter what I do to the settings above, the 55.56% never changes. None of the other percentages for other students change either. This seems to be across the board in every course. Anyone actually getting this to work?