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Changing SubAccounts

Question asked by Tom Alway on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by Tom Alway

I am in need of updating the sub-accounts in Canvas due to a change in how they are viewed in Registrar's office.  Currently our math and science divisions are listed as one-Mathematics & Science (SIS ID = M) with all math and science courses being under this one item.  Beginning with the upcoming winter semester we have separated math and science into their own entities; Mathematics (SIS ID = M) and Science (SIS ID = SC).  I need a way to either move the current math courses into the new sub-account for math or leave the current courses as they are and force anything new into the Math sub-account.  (note:  Leaving it as it is and forcing the new courses into a new sub-account would reflect how the SIS is set up as we are not moving any of the old courses).  The new sub-accounts for mathematics and science are showing up in the list of sub-accounts in Canvas and are being shown in the accounts.csv file.  All of the courses in the SIS have been updated to reflect the new institutional code for the account division.  The missing piece is how to change what I see in Canvas to properly direct the courses from the SIS courses.csv file to the appropriate sub account in Canvas?