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Comments doesn't show up under recent feedback automatically

Question asked by Jonna Rådegård on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by Jonna Rådegård

Hi, since the changes with post grade policy and stuff there has been and still are a great deal of confusion regarding the functionality.


If no no settings are changed the post grading policy is set that feedback is available directly.

If if a teacher gives a comment. The student can see it if he or she (by chance) klick I’m grades or klicks on the assignment. There is no notification about any feedback. No sign of the comment unless the student knows it is there, perhaps because the teacher said so in class. Shouldn’t there be a notification that a comment has been made under recent feedback for the student?


If, on the other hand, the teacher whilst in Speedgrader klick on the crossed eye and choose post grades (even though no grades have been set) all comments after that will generate a notification below recent feedback for the students. This is not logical. Is it supposed to work this way?


Also the Swedish translation is really bad for all the steps in this workflow. I’ve been in contact with the support several times regarding all this but can’t seem to get the answers and help I would like to get.


Can anyone help me with my questions and how I can get attention regarding the translations? We are newbies in Canvas and would like to have as much as possible in order when our teachers and students begins using Canvas in a couple of weeks.