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How can I create a total points progress bar on my students' home page?

Question asked by Ivan Banov on Jul 30, 2019

How can I create a total points progress bar on my students' home page?


Hi everyone, I have looked for an answer to this question, but I have not found a clear answer, and similar questions are 3–5 years old, with many of their suggestions already deprecated. I have 1,000 total points in my courses. Final grades are simply the total number of points out of 1,000 (no weighted scores). What I would like is a progress bar to show each student how many points he or she has earned and how many he or she needs to earn the next letter grade (e.g., "64 more points needed to get a B"). This progress bar should appear at the top of their home page. It is exclusively for the students and not for me as a teacher.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. How would I do this?

My thought (although I have almost no idea how to do it) would be that upon loading the home page, a script could query the gradebook for the total number of points the student has earned so far; take that returned variable and divide it by 1,000; and then fill in a progress bar (HTML?) to the calculated percentage. I could then add some text that says "Yay, you have a C, and you need 27 more points to earn a B!" Can anyone point me in the right direction, so that I can write some code for this? I do not know how to retrieve student scores with code and then use it to generate a graphic on the page. Thank you!


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