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Daily warm-ups in a separate module

Question asked by Ben Gaynor on Jul 29, 2019
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I am designing an in-person, Canvas-based course. When my students enter, I'd like them to complete a warm-up for the day. Usually, this will be goal-setting. I am thinking of placing all warm-ups in their own module and make it a prerequisite for all subsequent modules.

  • If I click "relock," will students be able to pick up where they left off in the main module after completing the warm-up? Or will it reset their progress?
  • If a student comes in late, they earn a 0 on the warm-up but still get to continue with other material. If I set a minimum grade to 0 and there is no grade entered, will students be able to move on, or do I need to plug in the 0 before they get to move on?
  • If I don't publish an assignment in the prerequisite module (the warm-up one), will it affect students' ability to move on, or do only published ones matter?
  • Does this sound, overall, like a feasible method for ensuring students complete warm-ups before they move on?


Thank you!