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Canvas logs out of account each time the app is updated

Question asked by Henry Ozsoy on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by Henry Ozsoy

Hello Everyone,


We are a K-12 school with a one to one iPad program. Each student has the canvas app installed on their iPad. Due to the student being young from K-2 we login on their accounts for them to assist. The student is signed into Canvas using ADFS version 4 which is integrated with their AD accounts. This is to provide SSO.  Here is the challenge, every time the app hits an update the student credentials are signed out, meaning we have to go to each iPad and sign in on behalf of the young students. This, as you can imagine, becomes quite an issue in regards to consistency and productivity. Is this an issue with our environment or can it be resolved through Canvas or is it something we can troubleshoot through and resolve?