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Exam view import

Question asked by Susan Seitz on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2019 by Chad Scott

I am trying to import a quiz that I created using Exam View.  I have watched a video on what to do.  When I get to the part where I am ready to import the quiz -- I previously exported the quiz following their instructions to export as a Web Vista 4 file -- the video then has me go to SETTINGS and then select IMPORT CONTENT INTO the COURSE.  This then takes the video to an Import Wizard screen.    When I go to SETTINGS in my course -- I have the option to IMPORT COURSE CONTENT.  I select that option it wants me to make a selection of what to import -- I select Web Vista but then I am asked questions that do not relate to what the video has indicated.


I would like to import quizzes from my exam view files and my moodle files.  How do I do that?