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Discussion created by Champion on Aug 1, 2019
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For some context, I started at MTPC in 2001.  We've been through three LMSs during my time here... Jones e-education, Pearson eCollege's Learning Studio, and now Canvas, and I've been a LMS admin for each of those.  For the most part, we've designed our courses with the same look and feel and haven't strayed too far from that design.  We are in dire need of an overhaul in how we design courses to make them more visually attractive and engaging for our students...while still providing them with the course curriculum content they need.  We've been doing things the same for far too long.


We recently began investigating the DesignPLUS product from CIDI Labs.  So far, I really like what I see.  Being able to utilize templates and themes, customize content how you want it to look, and ease of use are important for us in making a decision whether or not to purchase.


Some questions for the Community:


  • Do you use DesignPLUS from CIDI Labs?
  • What is your role at your school?
  • What are your experiences with DesignPLUS in that role?
  • What pros/cons have you had from either/both an admin/instructor role?
  • Has DesignPLUS improved your course content compared to what you used to do?  If so, how?
  • How easy/difficult was it for your faculty to get acquainted with DesignPLUS?  Was there excitement or hesitation for using new software?
  • Is there evidence that it changed your engagement when implementing DesignPLUS?


I'm tagging a few people here in the Community that I've seen discuss DesignPLUS / Design Tools (I think you all have it?) in the past 2-3 years in other topics on this hopes they've now had some time to use DesignPLUS more and could provide some feedback for me.  But others are always welcome to chime in, too.  John Boekenoogen, Mary Eichin, Joe Allen, Ron Marx, Valerie Rake, Tom Rowley, and Nicole Dragisic (ESC18 Staff).


Thanks, in advance, for the feedback!