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I want my quiz questions to stay in order in my view

Question asked by Michelle Shaffer on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

I have done some research but don't seem to find the answer to my question out there - I created a test directly in Canvas - every time I log in, even though I entered the questions directly (and not linked to a quiz bank, and not in a group), the questions are re-ordered.  I numbered them in the question description area, so I could identify them, but the numbers are out of order, and not in the order I entered them.  It's just such a hassle to re-locate the questions every time I log in.


I do want them shuffled for students on a quiz, but I wish there were an option to say I don't want them shuffled in my view. 


I am also having this problem in surveys - I want to create a survey with 2 specific questions grouped together, and for them to stay in the order I entered them in the survey (I want the students to rate themselves then provide a comment AFTER rating themselves in each of 5 categories), but they are shuffling. 


Any suggestions?