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Linking variables for multi-part formula question in New Quizzes

Question asked by Alex Moody on Aug 5, 2019

Formula questions are nice as they can randomly generate variables but that is only good for a single question/answer. But I want to ask maybe 2 or more questions for a given situation.


Example: A canon fires a projectile with initial velocity of `v` m/s at an angle of `d` deg above the horizontal ground. Find the maximum height the projectile reaches, the total time of flight, and how far down range the projectile lands.


I would like to use the Stimulus and attach questions to it. Either the variables are generated via the Stimulus question or the first formula question and then tagged to be utilized with the other questions in the Stimulus question set.


At the moment I have to create a separate question with their own variables for each learning objective here. Science and Engineering students like to dive deep into a single problem and fully explore it and this is one way of doing that.