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Due Times for Assignments (course import)

Question asked by J. Melissa Blankenship on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by Kona Jones

Due times for assignments:  


I often import courses from one semester to the next.  Fortunately, the import feature allows me to change start/end dates of the course.  However, while the day of the week changes to the new date, the time from the previous course remains.


For example, a Spring course begins January 7th 9:30am and all assignments are due at 9:30am.  The same course in Fall begins on August 26th at 11am. 


During import, I adjust the new begin date to August 26th at 11am, and the end date as December 16 at 11am. 


Post import, however, the first assignment, due on August 28th, is listed as due at 9:30am instead of 11am.


This means that I must manually change the time on every single assignment, which is quite tedious  Mistakes result when I miss one, creating confusion for my students (and some can be quite unforgiving on course evaluations).


Is there any way to avoid/manage this?