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What's a good data dashboard tool that can leverage the Canvas API?

Question asked by Hugo Aguilera on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by Alexandre Schneider

So at the last InstructureCon, I learned a lot about using the Canvas API and what it can do for us. Manually running reports using the different API calls is working okay for us for the time being, but I would really love to see if we can setup a data dashboard where frequently-accessed data is always visible. We are a Banner school, and we use Argos to pull Banner reports. I mention that because Argos is an example of something I would like, but obviously for Canvas.


Anyone have any recommendations on online tools that can be used to set something like this up? I've heard of tools like Zoho or Tableau, but I don't know enough about this space to know if they'd be compatible with the Canvas API. Thank you for any insight you may have!