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Possibly complex prerequisites, recursive loops

Question asked by VaNee Van Vleck on Aug 9, 2019
Latest reply on May 4, 2020 by Mathieu Pelletier

This is a question about pre-requisites, recursive loops, and discussion boards.


I have a publisher-produced formative aid that I use within each module as a pre-requisite ("hurdle") assignment. The module is arranged so that video-lectures, links to the textbook, etc. appear before this hurdle item; I want to imply a logical sequence of activities. I partly understand the Mastery Paths feature but may have a quirky plan:

  • Student scores at least 70% on the formative aid, I then make their (required, scored) homework assignment, journal writing, *and discussion board* for the module available. No harm, no foul. That part seems fine.
  • However, student scores below 70% on the formative aid, I want to point them back to my video-lecture(s)--which they should have viewed anyway--or other content-bearing resource. THEN have them try the formative aid again, to re-initiate the sequence. My issues are:
    • how to "require" material/content?
    • how to return to the formative aid (possibly multiple times)?
    • can I set-up a required "communication with the professor" of some kind if the student fails on the second (or third) try?

From what I can figure, discussions will have to be in a separate module to be able to use the prerequisite settings. Right?



Va Nee