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Bug Still Exists with Post and Hide Feature in New Gradebook

Question asked by Marion Weeks on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by Erin Hallmark

Hi there. 


For the benefit of others in the same boat as us...

We received an update from Canvas earlier this week letting us know that all the bugs with the new Post and Hide feature of the Gradebook had been fixed. We thought we must be going a little batty as we were still having an issue whereby the Grades are hidden even though the grade policy is set to automatic. The eyeball does open once you enter the first grade for a student and refresh the speedgrader....but that still doesn't seem right or appropriate. I have just been to Canvas Support and have been as follows:


The Eyeball should be Open even before the scores are inputted so I am attaching your case to our engineers ticket so you will be notified of a resolution


So just in case you are also feeling confused as you were expecting everything to be actually isn't, there is still a bug but they are working on it.


Hope that helps.