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Question asked by Tiffany Wood on Aug 8, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by James Jones

Hello! I am needing some assistance on some custom JavaScript. It was working previously and now only part of it is working. What we are trying to do is disable the instructor from being able to change the start and end dates of a course. The script was disabling the date text box and that still works but the disabling of the calendar button next to the date box is no longer disabled. (This is within the course settings).


This is what is within my script:

    *   Course Settings


    //Hide course settings start and end date textboxes. This is working still.
    //Disable Calendar button next to course settings start and end date textbox. This is NOT working still.
    $('#course_start_at').attr('disabled', true);
    $('#course_conclude_at').attr('disabled', true);