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Changing Course Title stylings in Canvas

Question asked by Greg Lawrence on Aug 13, 2019
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Hi Canvas Community.


I have been wanting to customise the course title for the courses in our account, which I understand is possible if it is not the primary account 


I have been able to get these changes working in the Chrome console with three different tweaks that being



.course-title {
color: #ec174c;

.header-bar h2 {
color: #ec174c;



$(".header-bar h2").css({"color": "#ec174c","font-size":"2.1EM",});

$(".course-title.ellipsis").css({"color": "#ec174c","font-size":"2.1EM",});


But all these tweaks get overridden by: A common CSS file that is being applied to our instance of Canvas.


Is there a way to override stylings in this sheet and/or is there a way to edit stylings in this sheet?


Look forward to your responses.