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OneNote 2016 vs. OneNote App Linking Canvas Assignments

Question asked by Leo Lopez on Aug 14, 2019

When using OneNote 2016 (and correctly mapping a class notebook to the correct Canvas course and mapping students), it was possible to "link" Canvas assignments with OneNote pages provided they had the same time.  For example, if I created an assignment titled "Homework 1" on Canvas, and then named a page on OneNote 2016 "Homework 1", OneNote would be able to pull all the necessary information (total points, due dates, etc) from the Canvas assignment.  I was able to review student work and send the grades to Canvas without creating the assignment on OneNote explicitly.  It was just a page on OneNote that happened to function as an assignment because of the associated name on Canvas.


I find that this is not the case any more with the app version of OneNote.  Has anyone encountered the same problem for discovered a solution?


Some background:  Most teachers at my school create assignments on Canvas that we import from year to year.  Therefore, all of our assignments are already setup on Canvas.  I would like to avoid having to recreate each assignment by using the "Create Assignment" option on OneNote.