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Question asked by Laetitia Knight on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2019 by Rick Murch-Shafer

I started creating quizzes with the regular quizzes but quickly realized I wouldn't be able to randomized the questions like I wanted. I was advised to use instead. Now I see I can randomize questions but I have the following inquiries:

1) can randomization be customized (e.g. if I create several sets of questions and want them to be randomized within a group so that not all the questions within a quiz appear in a random order?

2) Does allow for the answers to be available after the deadline only (I liked that this feature was available in the regular quizzes so students wouldn't share the answers with one another).
3) If #1 and 2 above are not available in, is it possible to just randomize the order in which questions appear to each student within a group with the regular quizzes?