Sarah Kinne

Ungraded rough draft with distinct deadline?

Discussion created by Sarah Kinne on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by Brian Bennett

Hello hive mind! I'm teaching a composition course this term that requires several essays. I'd like to have students submit rough drafts, partake in peer review, and then submit revised, final drafts. I've created an assignment rubric in Canvas, but I don't actually want the rough and final drafts to have two distinct scores. I know the solution to this would be to simply make a single assignment and leave the "until" date open until the due date of the final draft. However, if I do that, students who rely (and perhaps are over-reliant) on the calendar and list view Dashboard will only see the due date show up as the deadline for the final draft.


Is there any way to configure this so I can have my cake (not factor in separate grades for each draft) and eat it too (have distinct deadlines for both the rough and final drafts show up on the calendar and list view Dashboard)? If not, how have other instructors handled this? I've mulled over creating two separate assignments but making the rough draft out of zero points. I don't intend to assign grades to the rough draft on its own, so might this work?


Thanks in advance!