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Need Help with Pearson My Lab LTI

Question asked by Mason Conklin on Aug 16, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2019 by Rick Murch-Shafer

I would like to connect with someone who is using Pearson My Lab and Mastering through Canvas.  I'm the system admin for our school, and I have a biology professor who has built her My Lab course through Pearson, but we are running into loads of frustration trying to figure out how to manage the LTI.


I have the MyLab installed in the appropriate account. The professor can drag the MyLab link up into her visible navigation. We can make the connection in her Canvas Course to her MyLab course.  But when it comes to placing individual assignments in Modules, something isn't working.  We've tried following the guides we can find online, but the procedures don't seem to work.


Does anybody have experience with this LTI, and if you do, would you be willing to help us get this working on our campus?


Thanks so much.

Dr. N. Mason Conklin

Reinhardt University

Waleska, GA