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Tracking Moderated Changes to Exams and Quizzes

Question asked by Rob Metzger on Aug 17, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2019 by Rob Metzger

Does anyone know a simple way to verify extra test time has been added for a student? I can add time for individual students as needed for accommodation purposes using the moderate screen, but it seems the only way to cross check that everything has been done correctly is to go back to each individual quiz and test and manually click into it and verify that way. 


It'd be great if there was a way I could somehow view the test settings for one student throughout the whole term to verify I've got everything set the way it should be.  


I don't know if it's an option, but if anyone knows a way, alternatively, that I can go and apply a time extension for a student that will apply to all quizzes and tests for the entire term, but do it all in one shot from one screen, that'd be outstanding.  For example, if I could click on a student and indicate there should be a 50% increase in all quiz and exam time allotments.  


The current class structure I have features several quizzes and tests; it's a lot of going back and forth to the moderate screen in each one to adjust for them.  It's not so cumbersome or time consuming that I really mind (though could be more efficient), but I do worry about accidentally missing one someday and not getting the adjustment made in line with their accommodation.  


Any tips or tricks that can help ensure 100% accuracy with this are appreciated!