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Downloading Studio videos on an iPad

Question asked by Bill Rude on Aug 19, 2019
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Hey there,


Our nursing program requires students to have iPads when the start the nursing program. I actually think that they are given them as part of the tuition fee. Anyway, I had a teacher with a classroom full of students call and was purplexed by why the students could not download the video. I talked her through it and it seems that she did not have the download button turned on. Crisis averted. On to the next one. One of the students asked, where do we go and watch these videos now. I said, look in your photos. She said that there is only a picture there. I looked into the issue and got out my iPad and from what I can tell, it just opens the video in a new window and does not actually download the file to their iPad. My android phone however, downloads the video perfectly. What can I do to help them? Is there a solution?


TL:DR; iPad will not download Studio videos. It just loads them fully and will not save it to the iPad. It will save to PC or Android. What do I tell them?