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Time spend on each attempt of quiz by student

Question asked by Usuario Integración on Aug 20, 2019
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I use Quiz Submissions API and I get: 

"finished_at": "2013-11-07T13:16:18Z",
"end_at": "2013-11-07T13:16:18Z",
"attempt": 3,
// Amount of time spent, in seconds.
"time_spent": 300, <---------------------- this is the information that I need



But just give me one attempt, the last and I need all attempts that student did, all the history,

I try using Submissions API adding the parameter include[] = submission_history , but this doesn't give time spent, just give me the  submitted_at and graded_at


"submitted_at": "2012-01-01T01:00:00Z",
"graded_at": "2012-01-02T03:05:34Z",
"attempt" : 1



anyone can help me.