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Late Penalty Calculation (New Gradebook)

Question asked by Nancy LaChance on Aug 22, 2019

I have an instance in which a student turned in a paper Aug 21 12:01am.  The due date was Aug 19 at 11:59pm.  The late penalty is  set at 10% per day.  The student correctly received three days late penalty -- but the days late shows as 2 days late.  In other student late calculations, I am seeing 2.27 days late (for example) - the days late is expressed as a decimal. But in this case, it is not -- but the correct penalty is applied.  The correct decimal for the days late should be 2.02 (if I am viewing this correctly).  Is there some reason this decimal is not displayed?  (I know this seems trivial, but after all of the hoopla over the last release and the new gradebook issues, folks are really really on edge about all of the new gradebook functionality - and I would love to be able to provide an answer.)