Uwe Zimmermann

Bug in Formula Questions: result = 0

Discussion created by Uwe Zimmermann on Aug 22, 2019



If you are using formula questions where the correct result is 0 (zero) and the student correctly enters zero, the system will complain that there are unanswered questions when trying to submit the quiz.


Applies to:

  • current (2019-08-22) version of canvas installed and running at canvas.instructure.com


Steps to reproduce:

  • create a new QUESTION BANK
  • in the question bank create at least one FORMULA QUESTION where the result is 0, e.g. "what is [A] * 0", enter 0 as the correct result in the formula field
  • create a QUIZ drawing questions from this question bank
    • choose to display ONE QUESTION AT A TIME
    • choose to show correct results at the end

What happens?

  • When filling in the results and stepping through the quiz, the questions with result=0 will not be checked off on the right of the screen
  • When pressing "SUBMIT" on the page with the last question a pop-up will show saying there are unanswered questions in the quiz
  • On the result-feedback page however all questions will be marked as correctly answered.