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Which roles can export course content?

Question asked by Nancy Webb on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by Nancy Webb

I can't find any permission that controls who can export course content from the course's Settings page.  We are concerned with intellectual property rights, and I was dismayed to find that a TA can export all course content, when they have no editing rights on content so can't add or delete anything. 


Is this just a granularity problem with permissions? Except I can't find any permission regarding export (or reset course content for that matter.) Our TA's are allowed to edit the gradebook so that gives them access to exporting grades, but that's not the same as the entire course.


It seems there are certain built in rights for the basic roles on which all others are built, but they are not clearly explained. I would like to know about course reset too,  Is there any documentation? Maybe I am just not finding it. Thanks!