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Can I merge multiple sections into a single course?

Question asked by Jason Little on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by Kelley L. Meeusen

I teach three Video Game Design classes. Each class is broken down by Canvas into one section of 12 Art students and one section of 12 Computer Science students -- but all 24 students are in the same class, in the same classroom, at the same time. 


This means I have six sections to manage when trying to communicate with three different classes, or with all 72 students taking the same course with the same content. It currently appears I have to post something like my syllabus or a presentation six times instead of being able to post it once across all sections of the same class or across the entire 72-student course. 


For example, Sections 001 and 002 are actually the same class. I don't care about the distinction between Art and CS students -- they should all see the same posts, access the same syllabus and files, etc. Most of the time, all six sections should get the same info.


Or, if there isn't a way to merge or link these sections, is there a short cut to multi-post across sections or across complete courses so I don't need to manually submit files, discussions, or emails multiple times?


Oh, and just in case, if I am able to merge, is it an un-reversible process?