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How do I pull grades from another course into my main course ?

Question asked by Donna Bassolino on Aug 25, 2019

I teach chemistry (themainCanvas course) .. but those students are broken up into severallab sections each with their own canvas "course page".


I want to enter lab grades into the appropriate course subsection - and there will probably be 20 of these throughout the semester.


However the lab grade is counted as part of the overlal grade in the main (larger ) class.


I would like to be able to pull in the "lab total" to the main class gradebook.  (Right now I have to update the total after each lab).


Is there an automatic way to pull in this data ?


(Some include ALL the labs with the main course pages and do not use the lab gradebooks but  because there are so many that makes the gradebook big and messy)


Thanks in advance


Donna @  TCNJ