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Will assignment groups show in student calendar?

Question asked by Ellen Smith on Aug 24, 2019
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I set up assignment groups so students can choose from 4 assignments (to do 1 of the 4) but don't want the students to all choose the same one.  For 24 students, up to 6 can choose assignment A, 6 can choose B, 6 can choose C and 6 can choose D.  I created on the assignment day, a calendar entry for each assignment as an assignment group with slots for the students to sign up.  On the due date, there is also a calendar entry so they can be reminded to submit the assignment.  One student on the due date can sign up as a presenter under a calendar entry for presenter.  I can see all these on my faculty calendar, but I cannot see them when I go to settings, student view, calendar and view the student calendar.  How can I get these to show on the student calendar so they can properly sign up for these assignments?