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Quiz answers marked wrong while within accepted range

Question asked by Carmen Napolitano on Aug 26, 2019

Last year, I made a number of formula-based questions in the Quiz Beta.  For each question, an accepted range was provided (Example: +/- 0.1).  I imported those questions in to my courses for this year and assigned them.  I am currently having a lot of instances where students are getting the correct answer within the range assigned, but Canvas is marking them as incorrect (an issue I did not have last year). 


When editing the question, I can see that there now appear to be more options available as far as decimal places.  I feel as though this is where the issue is arising because there will be instances where the system will refuse to generate answers based on the formula due to the "precision" of the variables compared to the answer.  It seems like the system is marking student answer choices wrong for incorrect significant figures, even though many times the significant figures the system is marking are incorrect themselves. 


Is anyone else having this issue?  Is there a way to stop the system for checking for precision?


Also, I can't even seem to access the Quiz Beta style editor unless I edit an old question created in the beta editor last year.  The only option for creating new questions is the older editor version.  Is the Quiz Beta version gone for now?