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URLs going crazy?

Question asked by Edita Sicken on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by Cynthia Padavano

Hello friends - 


I have one course where whenever someone goes to link to a document from their course files, it gets changed out to something like this:,%22enable_annotations%22:null,%22enrollment_type%22:null,%22anonymous_instructor_annotations%22:null,%22submission_id%22:null,%22user_id%22:11111111111111111,%22attachment_id%22:11111111,%22type%22:%22canvadoc%22%7D&hmac=3a123a123a123a123a123a123s123a123a123a


One of my coworkers had it happen to her also. She uploaded a fresh version of the document, went to the Rich Text Editor, selected the text to link to the file, selected the File from the righthand menu, and then saved the page. And then it turned into that link and clicking on it gives that tiny little UNAUTHORIZED error. 


Any idea what might be causing that?