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Is there any way to show LTI inside the mobile apps?

Question asked by Ole Lidegran on Aug 27, 2019
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Hi there!


I wonder if there is any way for me to show LTI modules within the Canvas mobile apps?


Right now, when a user clicks on a link in a course in the apps, a new browser window opens within the app.


But I want to show the content of the LTI while the navigation menu is visible.
(the links in the bottom of the app: courses, to do, inbox)


Do you amazing Canvasppl know of any workaround? 

Also, I've tried to insert a link under the help section to my LTI but it opens up in a new browser anyhow.

The dream is to load the LTI as the start page in the application instead of a list of all the courses.


Thank you for all the help I can get

all the best